You can find more of my projects on my GitHub profile.


The Mechanicon is Europe’s biggest meetup/conference for people interested in mechanical keyboards.

We started out with about 60 people in 2016, grew to 150 people in 2017, 250 in 2018, and 2023 we were about 380 attendees with visitors from all over Europe!

At its core, it is still a user group of keyboard enthusiasts.

Lectures at THWS

I am a lecturer at the THWS, talking about agile software development from the management perspective to technical requirements and best practices.

My Emacs configuration

Some people have a Zen garden, I have my Emacs configuration.

Writing an interpreter in Elixir

Elixir implementation of the Monkey programming language, available on GitHub.

Elixir Rhein/Main Meetup

Elixir Meetup for Frankfurt and the Rhein/Main area, a user group for all people working with and interested in the programming language Elixir.

Emacs FFM Meetup

The Emacs FFM Meetup for Frankfurt and the Rhein/Main area is a user group for users and friends of the popular editor and computing environment Emacs!


A Ruby gem that simplifies the process of creating JSON or XML responses for Rails applications. The gem allows Rails models to define different templates of their API representations, which is especially useful when you want to have different JSON/XML outputs for the same model in different situations.

Among others, it powers the API of Diaspora, one of the first decentralized social networks and OnRuby, a whitelabel site used by many German Ruby communities.


A hyperlocal crypto asset ecosystem to buy candy! The project was awarded with a honorable mention at Stellar Build Challenge #6.

It was based on the Stellar blockchain and ecosystem and came with a server, a dashboard and clients for Android and iOS.

You can see it in action here with all code being open source.


ffwdme.js is a JavaScript toolkit that aims to bring interactive GPS driving directions to the mobile browser. It was first built and used on the iPhone 3G.

It powered different novel navigation projects, for example instantnavi (Video), a platform where users could create their own customized navigation systems via web UI.

ffwdme.js is available as open source on GitHub.